BETTY’S BLEND - After all, it’s only right that we would have a blend named in honor of the legendary Betty White. With a zest for life and a good dose of humor, one is sure to start each new day on the right foot with that sweet, chocolatey goodness of BETTY’S BLEND

DEEP SAGE - Perhaps the Smokey sweetness of this medium to dark roast will provoke inner reflection, checking in with oneself, a cleansing of sorts. DEEP SAGE is a reminder to think deep thoughts, speak kindness, and show the good of who we are.

SOUL CAFE BLEND - Imagine a table big enough that includes everyone, no exceptions. One could pull up a chair, sip a cup of organic coffee and engage in rich conversation, a hearty laugh, meet a new friend, or feel grounded with an old acquaintance. SOUL CAFE BLEND gets to the root of things. It is earthy, floral, rich and indeed our boldest BEANS & SPROUTS BLEND.

TURTLE THYME - Intensity at a slower pace. The turtle reminds us to slow down and savor the aroma and taste of this special decaffeinated coffee. This decaf, just like the herb thyme, is packed with robust flavor but without the kick of caffeine. So slow down …

and enjoy your cup of TURTLE THYME.

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